My vision for DroneTribe is to:

  • provide courses, guides, and on-going educational resources to help pilots fly safer, smarter, and earn more money
  • build a strong and supportive community of commercial and recreational drone pilots that pushes the industry and technology forward
  • inspire people to go on adventures to explore and see the world from new perspectives

Drones are changing the way many industries do business. From surveying, inspections, emergency services, advertising, to deliveries - there are cost effective solutions using small unmanned aerial system (sUAS, typically recognized as a "drone"). We are standing on the very beginning of a revolution.

A very important part of this revolution is ensuring that pilots have the resources needed to perform safe operations and knowledge of the newest ideas, methods, and techniques. This involves everything from how to pass the Remote Pilot Knowledge Test, to starting a business selling drone services or products.

The community here at DroneTribe is a huge driving force behind pushing the industry forward. You're already part of the tribe by being here, but you can further get involved by: